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By providing my consent, I authorize Mark Holdings Limited (and any affiliated entities) to collect, process, and use my personal information to verify my eligibility for loans or financing services. This information may include but is not limited to my name, contact details, financial data, credit history, employment information, and any other relevant details required to assess my creditworthiness.

I further acknowledge that the information collected may be shared with licensed Credit Reference Bureaus or other authorized third parties as necessary for the purpose of verifying my creditworthiness and eligibility for the requested financial services.

This consent shall remain valid during the period in which my loan or financing application is being processed and evaluated by Mark Holdings Limited. It may also extend throughout the duration of any existing loan or financing facility I have with Mark Holdings Limited, where continued verification of eligibility is required for the maintenance and management of the financial arrangement.

I have read and understood the implications of providing this consent, and I voluntarily agree to allow Mark Holdings Limited to collect, use, and process my personal information for the stated purpose.